The Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary membership business organization working to further both Hispanic and non-Hispanic business and community interests in California’s Central Valley.  Our efforts focus on encouraging and promoting beneficial business activities and business development services and advocacy.



Our membership benefits from active and visible advocacy at the local, regional, state, and national level, and from the exchange of information, ideas, and economic opportunities and growth.  We provide assistance and support to businesses, entrepreneurs and individuals through business development programs, free business networking, education development, events and seminars.




Mission Statement

The mission of the Central Valley Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is to facilitate the economic bridging of Industry, Business, and Consumers through business development services and advocacy.

Our Objective

  • Provide technical assistance to small to medium sized businesses, professional associations, startup entrepreneurs, and individuals through seminars, conferences, and workshops.
  • Influence legislation policies and programs which have a positive impact and benefit on small to medium sized businesses in our communities.
  • Develop, strengthen and expand the network professionals and businesses at the local, state, and national level by facilitating, utilizing, partnering, and implementing programs that assist economic development.
  • Identify and communicate the needs of the small and medium sized business community by affiliations with the private, corporate and public sectors promoting economic development opportunities.

Membership Benefits

  • Monthly Mixers and Co-Sponsored Mixers that offer an opportunity for you to host a meeting where your business and products can be featured and where you can network with other business professionals in our communities.
  • Business Listing on Chamber Website
  • Lower membership dues; discounts from other members on products and services.
  • Advertising opportunities in the Chamber’s newsletter, website, and e-blast announcements.
  • Local and state business advocacy and referral on your behalf.
  • Opportunity to attend small business seminars, conferences and workshops.
  • Link from Chamber website to the participating business website; free publication of members offered discounts via chamber website.